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Bag Forming

Helion manufactures an extensive range of flexible packaging. Our modern machinery provides superior seal strength and consistency. Customised tooling is available for shaped and spouted pouches.

Bag Forming Capabilities

Two-side seal Products
Three-side seal
Four-side seal (coffee bags)
Stand up pouches (doy pouches)
Shaped pouches
Resealable (integral or zipper) bags
Coffee one-way valve bags
Spouted bags
Retort bags
Easy tear tags
Lidding films
Tear line in MD


Films are sourced from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, providing cost effectiveness for each product needs. Many specialty films, such as SiO2 coated PET, are difficult to find elsewhere in China.

Printable Materials

AL Aluminium Products
CPP Cast polypropylene
BOPP Biaxially orientated polypropylene
PET Polyester
VMPET Metallized polyester
KPET PVDC-oated polyester
PVC Polyvinyl chloride
PE High and low density polyethylene
Nylon Standard nylon grades
Paper Wide range of GSMs
RCPP Retortable cast polypropylene
SiO2 PET Silicon dioxide coated polyester
Al2O3 PET Aluminium oxide coated polyester
Misc Degradable and biodegradable

Gravure Printing

All printing is from gravure printing presses with the general requirements described below. See Technical information for further details:

Gravure Printing Specifications

Maximum image width 980 mm Products
Maximum web width 1200 mm
Maximum repeat length 750 mm
Maximum impressions per cylinder 1,000,000
Cylinder manufacturing time One week
DPI (dots per inch) 175


Lamination thickness is maintained with strict accuracy. Helion has two custom built drying rooms to separate normal laminates from retort laminates.

Laminate machine: running speed 120 m/min Products
Ester acetic acid (EAC) based adhesives
Standard application < 3 g/m2
Extrusion-coating laminating machine
Extrudes PE, PP, EVA, EAA, Surlyn

Inks & Coatings

Helion works closely with raw material suppliers to provide a wide selection of inks and coatings. In particular, Helion has developed a range of next generation printing inks for countries with restrictions on standard rotogravure inks.

Inks & Coatings

Solvent based gravure inks Products
Full PMS range available
Next generation inks available
Heat resistant inks
Cold seal glues/inks
PVA coating
Cold seal coating