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Spout Packaging

The packed liquid market has grown substantially over the last decade. Spout packaging is an excellent alternative to rigid plastics, such as plastic drink bottles. Its major benefits are: a range of barrier properties, full print coverage, customized shapes and affordability.

Spout pouches are made by sealing a rigid dispenser piece to a prefabricated flexible pouch. Preloaded rails can be used to fill pouches on automated machinery (see below for details). Depending on the processing equipment, liquids can be packed aseptically. Pouches can be used for liquids and powder products.

Design Features

  • Reusable, tamper evident, lid (closure)
  • Customised shapes (pouches shaped like fruit or animals)
  • Pouches have bottom gussets and are free standing
  • Printed or unprinted
  • Hot- or cold-filled on automatic, semi-automatic, or hand-operated fillers
  • Top filled (via dispenser) or side filled

Railing - Racking

Spout pouches can be delivered to your factory preloaded onto racks to improve your production efficiency and costs. Empty rails can be shipped back to our factory for reloading.

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Improves the automated filling process
Pre-racked pouches
Customised rack length