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Eco Packaging

Helion actively works on developing environmentally friendly packaging. Helion is focused on improving the factory efficency and decreasing the environmental impact of the factory systems. To this end, we are also working with raw material suppliers to maintain our standards. Please contact us for further information.


Degradable Eco-Products

Aside from paper, degradable plastics form a large part of raw materials used by Helion. We use degradable additives with a wide range of films. We are currently developing a degradable polypropylene weave fabric.

Overview of Degradable Products

Products    Degradable Additive combined with standard resins
Available for most PE and PP applications
Visit for more information
Using EPI's TDPA additives
Percentage of TDPA effect product shelf life


Eco-Conscious Factory Systems

Manufacturing processes use considerable resources. Improving the efficiency and impact of factory systems is a priority to Helion. In recent years we have implemented the following improvements:

  • Water is used to both cool and heat much of Helion's equipment. For example, the microperforation process requires high temperatures to pierce films. Modern pumps and filtering devices are used throughout the factory to reuse water.
  • Partitioning lamination drying chambers: we use partitions to change room sizes, thus avoiding unnecessary heating of unused spaces.