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Flexible Retort Packaging

Cooking prepackaged products under high pressure and heat sterilises the contents, maintains freshness and increases shelf life. This process is called retorting. Flexible retort packaging is manufactured using heat-resistant plastics, glues and inks. Nowadays, retort pouches are used for a wide range of products, including pet food, ready-to-eat meals, soups and sauces.

The Retort Process

Products      Retort systems use steam or superheated water to cook food in its own package.
The temperature in the sterilization chamber is raised to approximately 120 °C and kept there for a specified period of time.
Food packaged in a conventional metal can must be cooked approximately twice as long as food contained in a retort pouch.

The Retort Process

As metal cannot be used in microwaves, silicon-based coating is used to replace the barrier characteristics of foil in microwaveable retort pouches. To manufacture silicon-coated films, the food industry has borrowed technology from the microchip industry, using plasma deposition to apply silica to required surfaces. Contact Helion for further information about our silicon oxide (SiO2) films.

Design Features

  • Standup or flat pouches
  • Reel stock
  • Resealable zipper
  • Printed or plain

Retort Grades


Cooking Grade

Low 100 – 110 °C High Temp Boiling
Middle 121 – 124 °C Retort
High 125 – 135 °C High Retort

Materials Used

Polyester (PET) Protects barrier layers and provides tensile strength high heat resistance (up to 235 C)
Aluminum (AL)Major barrier provider against UV, O2, H2O, CO2
Nylon (NY) Barrier layer heat resistant up to 190 C
Retortable Cast PP (RCPP) Innermost layer provides heat seal function, heat-resistant up to 160 C
Retortable PE (RPE)Innermost layer provides heat seal function
Silicon Oxide Coating layer which can be added to improve shelf life