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Driven by online shopping and modern business demands, the rapid movement of small, secure packages has become a vital part of commerce today. Courier, freight and parcel companies - the primary shippers - use courier bags as they are cost-effective, light-weight, tamper-evident and easy-closing. Courier pouches also provide excellent marketing exposure for businesses.


How does Helion manufacture plastic courier bags?

Firstly, puncture resistant resins are extruded into a film, which is then printed. A special adhesive is heated and applied as a strip to the flap area. Clear film, which has been coated with an anti-stick layer, is fixed over the exposed adhesive. Finally, the film is formed into bags.


Helion's range of courier pouches includes a self-seal, tamper-evident closer, as well as any of the following:
  • Transparent information sleeves: for holding waybills or consignment note
  • Sequential numbering
  • 8 Colour Print: on both the bag and removable strip
  • Stickers

Film Structures and Masterbatches

Courier pouches can be manufactured using almost any plastic type or laminate combination. For security reasons, courier pouches are not transparent: dual colouration (white and silver) of co-extruded films is common.